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October 30th, 2020

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Thanksgiving Prep: Appetizer Addition

Is it just us or has this year totally flown by in absolute slow motion? Some days have felt like weeks, yet here we are! Thanksgiving is upon us and we aren’t even sure where summer went.

But after all the things that we have been through this year, it feels good to get to some of these holidays that we all look forward to. Whether you are knee deep in fall décor or you are just about to break out all the Christmas things, we thought we would put together some inspiration for the first big holiday of the season: Thanksgiving!

In our world (the herb world) this holiday is a big one. Not only is it our busiest time of year but gearing up for Thanksgiving always tunes us into the remainder of the year and reminds us of what a special time it is. Some of us may be celebrating a little differently this year, but one thing that remains the same is that this time is all about getting the people you love together to celebrate and share in what we are all most grateful for.

So, without further ado, let’s talk turkey! Kind of…

We wanted to talk about starters, appetizers, and small bites that your guests can enjoy while you get the finishing touches on the big dinner. Our personal favorite and absolute go-to is the very well-known charcuterie board. We know, this is nothing new, yet there are still a few of us that are a little intimidated by the idea. So, we thought we would share some ideas to get you started and hopefully make this your go-to appetizer, because it really is SO easy to throw together!

First off, there are about a million different ways to go when it comes to creating a balanced board, so get creative and don’t feel like you have to follow any kind of rules. That being said, it could be helpful to think about this project in terms of flavors & textures. There is sweet, salty, savory, crunchy, creamy, and everything in between. Then there is your audience, keeping your guests in mind can really help guide you as well. If there are going to be a lot of kids, you might want to keep things a little simpler and mild-flavored. If you have more of an adult crowd that tends to be adventurous when it comes to food, you can get a little more creative and try new and interesting flavors and textures to add intrigue to your board.

We also just have to add this here… We know it’s not an appetizer, but it’s a board and if you are needing dessert ideas you can go this route and have tons of fun with it!

Okay, let’s get back on track. We also love to think about color when we build a board. This is just another fun thing to keep in mind when you are picking fruits, veggies, or dried fruits. They can break up some of the other more monotonous moments you get with lots of cheese and crackers, aka tons of tan tones.

Last, but certainly not least would be to add fresh herbs. Not only does this add in the color and texture department, but they smell amazing too. The perfect last piece to the puzzle to help create a super well-balanced board. We used lots of rosemary to complete our board, but other great herbs to incorporate that smell as beautiful as they look are thyme, sage, basil, and chives!

As for what else to serve alongside your beautiful charcuterie board? Well we are a sucker for all kinds of cheese, so we thought up a few different options. Our latest creation is this Rosemary Citrus Baked Ricotta. This is the perfect blend of bright flavor from the oranges mixed with the depth and piney flavor from the rosemary. It makes for a dish that tastes like the holidays, which is perfect for the occasion! Not to float our own boat, but it was SO dang good! We loved this with a nice fresh French loaf, thinly sliced, but you can pair this with a simple butter or water cracker as well.

Now, we have a bunch of other great recipe options that you have to check out! We will just name a few here… This Baked Brie recipe was kind of difficult to STOP eating, plus it comes together looking very festive and fun! We also love this Green Goddess Hummus recipe. It’s simple to put together and is something that everyone can enjoy. While we are talking about simple crowd pleasers, we should probably add this Whipped Feta with Basil Trio Olive Oil to the list. So tasty and definitely something that everyone can easily dip into and enjoy.

We hope these recipes are leaving you feeling excited for the big Thanksgiving dinner! If you need any other appetizer ideas, just head over here to find all of our appetizers that are all pretty darn delicious!

Happy Cooking!

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