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Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to make every home cooked meal a special occasion by giving access to the freshest ingredients possible.


We get asked this a lot and it’s our favorite thing to talk about. Growing and selling our products with the roots attached is great for a few reasons, but one of the biggest is that it cuts down on waste. Our products last longer than cut herbs, so less ends up in the trash. Secondly, our herbs are the freshest you can get! Living means you are harvesting the freshest ingredients to flavor your food with – full of all the oils and enzymes that are meant to be there, giving you the most nutritional value and best flavor. Plus, since they last longer than cut herbs, you get the chance to use them in all your favorite dishes! So get creative, cause fresh herbs taste amazing in pretty much everything… and when all else fails, just make some herb butter or herb cream cheese and life will be so good!


Our herbs are grown hydroponically in greenhouses, creating a highly controlled environment. All of our plants get used to living the good life in perfect conditions and getting watered from the bottom. When you transplant them, it tends to shock the plant because this is such a different way of living, causing the plant to die. We’ve had a few consumers have luck replanting our herbs, we just don’t recommend it because we have found that more often than not the plant dies. For the best results, be sure to follow the care instructions below!


For our products packaged in their mini greenhouse packaging, store them in the refrigerator, standing up in the door. Everything should be refrigerated except for basil, which does best at room temperature standing on your kitchen countertop out of direct sunlight. Simply snip, rinse, and enjoy!

For our potted products, start with taking the plastic sleeve off. Then simply place in a small dish or bowl (we recommend clear so you can easily keep an eye on the water) and water every day as needed. There can be a lot of variation in how much water your plant needs due to a lot of factors, like room temp, sunlight exposure, how long it has been since last watered, etc.

Our living herbs are an alternative to cut herbs, which typically die within a few days of purchasing. Our herbs aren’t meant to last forever, they are meant to cook with, right away. They should last one to two weeks, giving you the chance to use all the product you paid for and cook with the freshest ingredients possible.


Some varieties are heartier than others but, on average, our herbs should last between one to two weeks from the time they are shipped from our greenhouses. Following the care and storage instructions above will definitely give you the best results!


It’s not dirt! We grow our herbs in peat moss, which is a natural, organic growing medium. It’s simply the best stuff for the job! Just snip, rinse, and use!


All North Shore Living® products are grown hydroponically using the latest European greenhouse technology. Our unique growing system utilizes sustainable technology such as the reuse of water, solar energy, and the use of geothermal energy as a heat source. Our expert growers use integrated pest management techniques which means beneficial insects are used instead of pesticides to keep harmful pests out of the greenhouses. Also, we are SCS HACCP certified for Food Safety and Security. These techniques allow us to provide you and your family with the safe and consistently high-quality herbs to enjoy all year-round with a much smaller impact on our planet.

If you would like to find out more information about our sustainability efforts check out this video.

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