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December 28th, 2016

Wine Pairing

Salmon and Chardonnay

The perfect match between a citrus salmon and Chardonnay to complement every flavor.

Salmon and Chardonnay

Today we wanted to share a bit of our secret love – wine. A wine matched perfectly with what you are serving can really take your dining experience to the next level. If you are a wine lover like we are, then we think you will love reading up on this Chardonnay and finding out just what about it makes it pair so perfectly with this recipe.

Did you try our delicious Salmon with Lemon and Chive Sauce recipe? We loved how simple and straightforward it was to make and how amazing it turned out. Whether you want to serve something unique at a dinner party or you just need a go-to recipe in the middle of a busy week, this salmon recipe has you covered. The onion flavor of the chives cuts the acidity of the lemon just enough. With every bite you experience the salmon flavor drenched in the creamy zesty sauce.

The wine that we have chosen to pair with the salmon plays on every note of flavor and we love how these two complement each other in all the best ways. The Napa Valley Moone-Tsai Chardonnay 2012 is rich in style with a real sense of depth and structure underpinning ripe tropical fruits. Lemon oil, white flowers, and slate flesh out in an ample, broad Chardonnay endowed with an immense personality. Every sip is smooth, matching the lemon flavor of the salmon with the very subtle lemon found in the wine.

Be sure to serve your Chardonnay chilled to experience it as crisp as possible. Don’t forget to hold your white wine glass by the stem as to not warm your wine with your body temperature. Another wonderful way to experience all of what a wine has to offer is by swirling the wine in your glass and breathing in the amazing aroma that is released. It may feel silly but seventy percent of your taste comes from smell, so give it a try!

We hope you enjoy this pairing us much as we do!

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