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February 4th, 2019


Valentine’s Day Checklist

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, friends! The national day of love is back yet again. We all know that pressure we (unfortunately) deal with every February. It can be difficult sometimes with the underlying expectations from our loved ones. The challenge of, what do I get them? Should we go out to dinner? Do I need to spend a lot of money? How do I know if he or she is going to like it? Yes, all these questions flood our brains and we go into panic mode. It can be hard to find the right gift for your partner, whether you’ve been together for years or just started seeing each other. Gift giving is rarely easy. Before we get into all the thoughtful ideas we have laid out for you, here are some fun facts about this lovely day.

Every year, there are roughly 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate sold! That’s a whole lot of chocolatey goodness. Valentine’s Day is also the 2nd largest day for people to give out cards, Christmas being #1. Also, men spend twice as much on gifts than women do. Sorry gentlemen. Interestingly enough, most men say they aren’t comfortable getting a gift from their loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Alright, enough with the fun facts. Time to get to the good stuff. We have made Valentine’s Day easy for you this year! YES, you read that right, EASY! Who doesn’t want Valentine’s Day to be easy for once? We said forget the expensive gifts and welcomed a nice stay-at-home day for all the love birds out there. We’ve got three recipes for you to try out this year. Plus, they are pretty simple to make and will have your loved one all heart-eyed for you. To kick off the day, you can make our Orange Almond Biscotti for breakfast to have with a cup of coffee. The perfect thing to wake up to on this special day! This biscotti is full of flavor and dipped in dark chocolate for a little something extra. For dinner that night, try out our easy Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggies. This is great because everything goes in one pan, then thrown into the oven. So you can spend less time worrying about dinner and more quality time with your loved one. Last but certainly not least, is dessert. Our Grapefruit Sorbet is light and airy after a day filled with biscotti and chicken but will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth for after dinner! This recipe requires minimal ingredients and is easier to make than you think. Your loved one is going to be wowed after all these wonderful meals you make (or make together!).

Don’t think we forgot about the gift, though! Since you will already be out at the grocery store getting your ingredients for these recipes, go ahead and pick up some extra Living Herbs AND fresh cut flowers! Find a nice container, big enough to fit our 2 inch pot, add some fresh cut flowers, and tie it up with a bow… BAM! You got yourself a beautiful handmade Herb + Flower arrangement. Not only does it look good, it will have the entire house smelling good too!

Trust us friend, the combination of these recipes and a homemade flower arrangement will have your loved one in awe! We want to see how your recipes and Herb + Flower arrangements turn out! Post a picture on Instagram and tag us at You may even get featured on our page!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love!

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