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September 3rd, 2020

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Sunday Breakfast Best

It’s National Breakfast Month, but it also just so happens to be Labor Day weekend! So naturally we had to find some extra special breakfast items for you to whip up over the long weekend.
We wanted to go with some classics, some more simple than others. But we think that you will definitely find something in here that you will be excited to wake up to!

First up is the simple classic that everyone loves: an omelet. There are just about a million different ways to make an omelet, so don’t feel like you have to follow this recipe exactly (or even at all) because you really can’t go wrong with adding a few of your favorite things wrapped up in egg and cheesy goodness. We went ahead and made this simple Herb & Mushroom Omelet that was pretty much to die for. The combination of the flavorful herbs and the unique cheeses made for a truly melt in your mouth moment.

We found that having a good non-stick pan and a rubber spatula were two things that really aided in the success of this story. (AKA, don’t do what we did and accidentally use a pan that the egg crusted to the bottom of and a wooden spoon that immediately had egg stuck all over it.) Also, a skillet on the smaller side is better than a larger skillet. With only two eggs to work with, the larger the skillet, the thinner your omelet will be.

Next we’ll move on to the quiche. Now, this may seem like a more daunting breakfast item to make, but don’t be fooled! Quiches can be super easy and quick to throw together, especially if you buy a pre-made crust (which is totally fine and most of the time what we do). We decided to brave making the crust from scratch for this one, but once that part is complete, it’s really smooth sailing from there. Once again, this breakfast dish can come in many forms, so feel free to get creative with this recipe and add in any extra veggies or meats that sound good to you!


We made this Goat Cheese & Veggie Quiche and it turned out amazing! Not only was the crust a lot easier to make than we were expecting, but we love that it makes two quiches. Because freezing and saving for later is our jam! Now this quiche is a little on the fancier side, being that it uses goat cheese and caramelized onions, but trust us when we say that the extra effort is worth it! The onions are tender and full of flavor and the tartness of the goat cheese complements the herb blend to perfection.

A quick tip for when you are putting your dough into the baking dish: when you are cutting off the excess dough, use a sharp knife across the top edge of the baking dish, moving from the inside directly out. This gives you a clean cut while also aiding in making sure your dough is perfectly fit to your dish. We found any other technique caused the dough to fold or pinch and separate from the sides of the baking dish.

Last, but not least, Eggs Benedict with Benefits. We add on the “with benefits” because there are a lot of yummy extras going on in this recipe!

So, not gonna lie, this was a little daunting. Hollandaise sauce looks really difficult to get right and poaching eggs is pretty much a magical power. BUT we did it! You know what that means… if we can do it, then so can you! Something that we found really helpful when it came down to poaching the eggs was this video.  It’s packed with helpful little tidbits to help you feel extra confident going into your egg-poaching experience.

To make the sauce, we got all the ingredients ready and set aside before we did anything else. That way, we were completely prepared to go right through all the steps, no fumbling for something while burning something else. As for all the extras we have in this recipe, feel free to use them, or not! This makes a lot of servings so everyone can make it just the way they like it. We served this with our Anytime Potatoes, which are really great as a side to any breakfast dish, but they can also be served up with dinner as well.

We hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day! Full of fun and cooking and getting your family around the table to share more memories with.

Happy Cooking!

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