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December 27th, 2020

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New Year’s Eve Decor, Apps, and Cocktails

The New Year is finally here and from where we’re sitting, it’s time to get excited for a fresh start. Ready to celebrate getting through one of the most challenging years we’ve had. No matter what you’ve been through this year, we think we all deserve to make this New Year celebration a little extra special. That’s why we put together a few ideas to give your night that special touch, no matter who you are celebrating with!

We’ve covered everything from décor ideas to appetizers and fun cocktails. Let’s start with the décor. We made a fun backdrop for our food and drink spread, but this would make a great backdrop for a virtual get together, or a photo backdrop for your family and friends to put to use. We simply layered some fabric and streamers to create visual interest with some added texture. A curtain rod hanging over a window was the perfect household item to hang the fabric from, but you can also tape your backdrop to a wall. We tried to stick to a color scheme so that everything flowed together seamlessly. Adding placemats brings texture and depth to your table, and we loved these fun black paper placemats because you can write the fun names of the food and drinks you’re serving. Confetti was the final touch on the table, giving it the last bit of texture and interest that was needed.

Now, lets talk appetizers. We love these recipes because they are pretty simple and quick to put together, plus they are totally delicious. Once you make these Smoked Salmon Bites they are going to be your go to appetizer. Sliced cucumbers, herbed cream cheese, and smoked salmon come together for crunchy and flavorful bites of goodness. Another quick and easy appetizer are these Italian Skewers. Just a few ingredients and quick to assemble, they have great flavor and are equally beautiful for your spread. Last but certainly not least, we have these Cranberry Bites. These are slightly more work to put together and they are best served warm, but they are totally worth the extra effort. These are our new favorite food. The subtle rosemary flavor pairs perfectly with the cranberry and brie and the pecans add the perfect crunch. We can’t recommend this recipe enough.

What is a New Year’s celebration without some fun drinks to sip on while you count down. We love this Cranberry Fizz recipe for a few reasons. It’s great for a group, that way you aren’t making individual cocktails all night and we love that it can be non-alcoholic, that way everyone can have something fun to drink! If you are having a smaller gathering, or you just love making fun cocktails, we have the perfect New Year drink for you! The Ball Drop. This drink is most fun if you can get your hands on a spherical ice cube tray, that way you can create “the ball drop” effect. This cocktail is topped with champagne, so you get that bubbly fix for the evening. Such a fun cocktail to sip on all evening!

Well, that just about covers everything you need to have a fun New Year celebration. Whether you are joining a virtual celebration, hosting something yourself, or joining others we hope these recipes and décor ideas come in handy!

Here’s to a fresh start in the new year! Cheers!

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