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December 26th, 2017


New Year – New Food

We have a New Year's Resolution that just might be do-able, want to join?

This year, we have a new kind of resolution. We want to think fresh, cook fresh, and eat fresh.

This means cooking from scratch. It means looking for the freshest ingredients with the least number of additives. It means trying to convince your little ones that those zucchini noodles are just as tasty as the classic kind. Yeah, right. It means balancing healthy and wholesome, with simple and delicious.

We all know some days are easier than others. If the kiddos got enough sleep, breakfast this morning is going over WAY easier than it normally does. So, with life happening, we decided this year it was time to make a New Year’s resolution we might actually be able to keep.

New Year – New Food

We always want to remember that the best things in life include good food and good company. We want to be the leaders in making it easy to find inspiration in the kitchen and make meals that you can be proud to share. Cooking new recipes (or even following a recipe at all) can be a little scary for some people. That’s why all the recipes on our website are tested by normal people, not a professional chef. We want to make sure YOU can make it and YOU will like it!

Now of course there are always going to be preferences in taste, but this year, it’s all about keeping an open mind. Trying new things is how my little brother finally discovered that ice cream really does taste amazing, despite refusing to try it for half an hour. The best things in life are often things you have yet to discover.

Make this year one of exploration and make sure to invite all your friends to join in!

To kick off this journey, here are a few recipes to inspire the explorer in you. Every memorable evening starts with cocktails and appetizers. You can check out all of our culinary cocktail recipes here. Don’t worry, they are a lot easier to tackle than you may think. You can find our appetizers here, but personally the recipe for Beet Basil Bruschetta is one of our favorite crowd pleasers, practically addicting.

Of course, what memorable evening isn’t complete without the entree? We love this Braised Chicken Pinot Noir recipe. It is slightly time consuming, so don’t try and attempt this when you are in a hurry, but man does it taste delicious! This dish goes great with pasta for the kiddos or roasted veggies. Or try any of these other yummy recipes.

We hope you are feeling inspired and encouraged to make fresh and from scratch meals more often in your home. This year is going to be a good one, we can taste it. Cheers to 2018!

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