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June 30th, 2017


Garden at Your Fingertips

At North Shore, we love having freshness ripe for the picking. So today, we wanted to show you how to create a garden at your fingertips!

Life can get busy. With everything going on, it sometimes can be hard to keep cooking fresh and flavorful food with natural or low sodium options. At North Shore, we love having freshness ripe for the picking. So today, we wanted to show you how to create a garden at your fingertips!

First things first: go to your preferred local grocery store and pick your favorite North Shore Living® herb. If you can’t decide which one to pick because you love Living Herbs as much as we do, just get them all! You can’t go wrong with these beautiful herb bouquets.

Once you get home, as you do with all your summer shirts, rip those sleeves off! Scissors are a great supplemental tool for removing sleeves. Either way, we made our sleeves user-friendly just for you!

Now, grab mason jars, pitchers, dishes or any of your favorite containers to create this gorgeous instant herb garden! Fill them with ¼ – ½ in. of water and place your herbs inside. Ideally, you want to have clear containers so that it’s easier to check the waterline.

If you have a window near your kitchen, place your beautiful herbs near it, as it is best if they get indirect sunlight. Don’t forget to water them every day!

Pro Tip: Basil gets very thirsty, so it tends to consume more water than any other herb variety. It also loves to be a bit warmer than the rest, so make sure it gets some indirect sunlight. Give basil some extra love, it will do wonders.

You are now ready to embark on a culinary adventure with North Shore Living®! Simply snip what you need and you are all set. You can leave the rest for another dish later during the week. We grow it so you don’t have to, so just replace them as you need to. There is simply nothing better than adding a touch of greatness and freshness to your dishes.

The amazing aromas released by these herb bouquets will sure make your home and kitchen smell wonderful, always keeping your friends and family wanting a bit more of your extraordinary meals. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your secret!

Did I forget to mention an instant herb garden is the perfect décor for your kitchen? Not only do they give life and color to your cooking space but they can be a wonderful change from flowers. As always, have fun in the kitchen with your new garden at your fingertips and try some of our featured recipes. We have tested each and every one to make sure they are all do-able and delicious.

From our family farm to your family’s table, we hope you enjoy cooking with North Shore Living®!

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