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April 18th, 2019

Do It Yourself

Baby got Fresh Herbs

For all you parents out there, this one is for you. Whether you’re a new parent or back in baby mode with a new arrival, we hope this blog post can help you save some money and give your baby the food he or she deserves. Now let’s get to it!

So, we all know that baby food is expensive. A small jar of baby food can be a little over a dollar. Now add up how much food your baby eats in a week… yikes! Plus, if we want organic baby food and all the advertised benefits of it, we pay even more. Unless you are buying organic baby food, there are several things to watch out for.

Most concerning are all the preservatives that go into baby food. Yes, we would like it to last longer, but preservatives are not always good for your baby. Why should we look out for preservatives? Well there is typically a compound called acrylamide in it. This compound is a chemical used in some industrial processing such as food packaging and adhesives. This chemical can potentially be toxic so we definitely don’t want our babies around it. Even though there can be a small amount in the food, it’s still something to try to avoid if possible. Another thing to keep an eye out for are pesticides. These nasty guys are commonly found on apples and can be found in processed apple baby foods. No, thank you. Lastly, you should also look to avoid high sodium, lead, and nitrates that can be in non-organic baby food.

Because of the things we just mentioned, it makes sense to at least consider making your own baby food. It will help cut down on costs and you will know exactly what your child is consuming. We know that making it yourself can be time consuming, but we promise it’s so worth it. To add extra nutritional value to your baby food, try adding fresh herbs! This is a great way to introduce fresh flavors to your baby and their food, especially if your little one has gotten bored of eating plain peas and carrots. Fresh herbs already have some great nutritional values and you only need to add a small amount. Just imagine how refined your child’s eating palate will be. Here are some great recipes to get you started!

If your baby or toddler has gotten tired of eating boring peas, add some fresh mint to it! Our recipe for Mint Peas is going to make them love peas again! And it’s so easy to make! Mint doesn’t just add fresh flavor, it also helps with gas, cramps, and sore throats. If your baby needs a little immunity boost, try making our Roasted PearsThis sweet and very nutritional combo will be your little one’s new favorite. Now here is one your baby will love, along with the rest of your family. Our Rosemary White Beans are going have you replacing your mashed potatoes with this! So creamy and full of flavor! When you make this, be sure to make enough for everyone!

We know that making your own baby food requires even more time and energy than you think you can muster, but you will be happier knowing your baby is healthier! Share which recipe your baby loves the most! Tag us on Instagram we would love to see if your little one approves!

Happy Adulting!

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