Mint is widely used around the world for its invigorating flavor, which is most beloved in the United States, Europe and Asia. Mint’s menthol aroma and cooling taste make the herb popular in cuisine as well as aromatherapy—bringing joy into the everyday. With our living mint leaves, the herb’s bright flavor and soothing scent are always within reach.

Care Instructions:

To maximize the lifespan of North Shore’s mint, keep the herbs in your refrigerator and pluck them right before use. Eat them, never replant them. Mint tends to require more water than basil in order to stay fresh. We recommend checking on your herbs and watering them accordingly. With our mint, there’s no destemming necessary—making mint easier than ever to incorporate into your routine.

Flavor, Benefits & Kitchen Tips:

Many people are familiar with mint’s distinct taste because it has become an additive in popular products. Despite mint’s common association with desserts, the herb pairs well with savory flavors. Even as a garnish, mint’s eye-catching leaves are sure to elevate any dish. Mint is also the perfect addition to your wellness routine: menthol content can clear congestion; calming effect can reduce stress; and mint tea and essential oil can promote rest and mindfulness.

Although mint is difficult to overuse, its flavor is strongest in its uncooked form. In order to get the full impact of mint’s flavor, consider adding it fresh; if you’d like to reduce its prominence, cook the mint down first. In order to use North Shore’s mint, snip a portion from the root ball, wash it and pat it dry. Separate the mint into clusters for a garnish, or remove each leaf from its stem. If you want your mint to pack a punch, muddle it or mince it. When recipes call for dry mint, one part dry is equal to three parts North Shore. With our mint at your fingertips, freshness is always accessible.

Recipe Inspo and Culinary Pairings:

Mint adds brightness to all types of dishes and drinks:

  • Start you dinner party with a mint-infused salsa
  • Add mint to a salad or dressing for a refreshing flavor
  • Mint brings brightness to decadent chocolate and fruit desserts
  • Brew mint tea or muddle mint into cocktails and lemonades

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