Rosemary Infused Hot Chocolate

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Rosemary Infused Hot Chocolate

Cuddle up for winter with this delicious twist on a classic favorite.


To make this comforting Rosemary Infused Hot Chocolate, heat up the milk in a sauce pan until it starts to boil. Then roll the rosemary sprigs between your palms and add to the milk. Turn off heat and cover, letting it infuse for 15 minutes. Remove the rosemary sprigs. Add vanilla and chocolate syrup and stir until dissolved. Then whisk in cacao powder and serve hot. Enjoy!


2 cups
Reduced Fat Milk
North Shore Living® Rosemary Sprigs
1 tbsp
Vanilla Extract
2 tbsp
Chocolate Syrup
2 tbsp
Cacao Powder

Time to cook

20 minutes