Herb Butter

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Herb Butter

Try this simple recipe to take your butter to all new heights.


We love this recipe for herb butter because it is so simple to make and it is absolutely delicious. Simply combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and use a fork to stir until well combined. Scoop the butter onto a sheet of wax paper or plastic wrap and roll up. Tape the edge shut and refrigerate until firm. Enjoy!

Pro Tip: Get creative, there is really no wrong way to go here. Try different herb combinations, shallots, spices, and other ingredients to find something you love! Also, this is the perfect topping on any steak.


1/2 cup
Salted Butter, softened
1 tbsp
North Shore Living® Rosemary, minced
1 tbsp
North Shore Living® Sage, minced
1 tbsp
North Shore Living® Thyme, minced
1 tbsp
North Shore Living® Parsley, minced
Garlic Cloves, pressed
1/8 tsp
Steak Seasoning

Time to cook

20 minutes