Tarragon, also known as dragon’s herb, is called “King of the Herbs” by the French and it is not a coincidence that this herb is found throughout traditional French cuisine. Tarragon loses its flavor rapidly when dried so it is essential for the discerning cook to use the freshest tarragon possible. With North Shore Living® Tarragon you can be assured it is fresh because we leave the roots on. We bring the herb garden into your kitchen instantly.

Taste and Uses

Tarragon has a distinct sweet, anise-like flavor that pairs well with poultry, eggs, and hearty soups that are especially comforting when the weather is cold. Also, mixing fresh tarragon into salad dressing can make a boring bowl of greens come to life.

Kitchen Tips

Tarragon loses its flavor when cooked so you will need to add it fresh to get the full impact of flavor. When it is necessary to cook it, such as in a soup or stew, add it at the end of the cooking process. North Shore Living® Tarragon is tender and when using our variety snip off the amount you need and simply wash and pat dry before mincing finely with a sharp kitchen knife. When substituting fresh herbs in a recipe calling for dry, one part dry is equal to three parts North Shore Living®. Try one of our recipes or simply pair it with some of the ingredients suggested below:

  • Vegetables: asparagus, celery, cucumber, fennel, green beans, mushrooms, onion, peas, potato, spinach, tomato, zucchini
  • Seafood: lobster, mussels, salmon, scallops, shrimp, tuna
  • Meat and Poultry: bacon, chicken, Cornish hens, ham, turkey
  • Soups and Sauces: pea soup, bean soup, meat stews, béarnaise, rigavote, tartare
  • Dairy: butter, eggs, mayonnaise
  • Legumes and Grains: bulgur, lentils, wild rice
  • Fruit and Dessert: apple, figs, grapefruit, lime, orange, papaya
  • Herbs and Seasoning: capers, chervil, chives, parsley, saffron, shallots, vinegar

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