Roasting Mix

Roasting Mix consists of rosemary, thyme, and sage. Each of these herbs alone would be a great addition for your Thanksgiving turkey; however, all three complement each other perfectly and add that sought after final touch. Each package of North Shore Living® Roasting Mix is a perfectly balanced blend of all three herbs, making it easy for you to snip what you need and incorporate it into your recipe.

Taste and Uses

North Shore Living® Roasting Mix can be used year-round to add sophistication to your everyday culinary creations. It was created to be the perfect combination for poultry and, although it is most popular for Thanksgiving, it is available year-round for you to incorporate into some of your other chicken and turkey recipes. This herb combination allows you to have tons of flavor without artificial preservatives or unhealthy salt. North Shore Living® Roasting Mix can also be added to your favorite bread and stuffing recipes.

Kitchen Tips

The flavor of this herb combination is strongest when uncooked, or only lightly cooked. Add it fresh to get the full impact of flavor or cook it to decrease its prominence in a recipe. When using while roasting meat, cooking allows the flavors of the herb to step into the meat without being overpowering. To use North Shore Living® Roasting Mix gently snip what you need from the root ball, wash and pat dry. Use either full sprigs or finely mince with a kitchen knife, according to you recipe. When substituting fresh herbs in a recipe calling for dry, one part dry is equal to three parts North Shore Living®. Try one of our recipes or simply pair it with some of the ingredients suggested below:

  • Vegetables: green beans, broccoli, asparagus, onion, potato, yams, butternut squash, celery, mushroom
  • Seafood: scallops, trout, white fish, clams
  • Meat and Poultry: chicken, turkey, goose, Cornish hens, veal, rabbit, prime rib
  • Soups and Sauces: vegetable soup, butternut squash soup, chicken soup, turkey soup, herb butter
  • Dairy: omelet, souffles
  • Legumes and Grains: herbed bread, rolls and biscuits, risotto, white beans
  • Herbs and Seasoning: bay leaf, parsley, garlic, savory, marjoram

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